Kevin Thompson Swears Under Oath…

I’ll Transform YOU Into A JV Jedi, With The Power To Attract An Abundance Of A-List Entrepreneurs Who Will Gladly Endorse And Promote You... So You Can Expand Your Marketing Message, Grow Your Business In A Powerful Way, And Tap Into An Extremely Profitable Long-Term Revenue Stream!"

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Today we’re here to talk about collaborating, partnering and doing joint ventures, but not just any ole joint venture, and certainly NOT the kind of thing most people think about when they hear the words “joint venture”.

kevin_speaking2What we’re actually talking about is a tested and proven process that will attract an abundance of A-List Entrepreneurs who will gladly endorse and promote you… so you can expand your marketing message, grow your business in a powerful way and tap into an extremely profitable long-term revenue stream.

A process that will allow you to easily create relationship capital and convert it into untold millions in financial capital.

Because the fact is, relationship capital is what leads to financial capital.

“When You Get The Relationship Piece Right…
The Financial Piece Naturally Takes Care Of Itself!”

The process I’m about to share with you is the very same process I’ve already used to make $13.5 Million… and that number continues to grow on a daily basis.

This process is so powerful that it’s earned me a reputation as “The JV Jedi”… and that reputation reaches far beyond the circles I’m actively engaged in.

This process is so powerful… that if you took everything else away from me…

My existing prospect list, my current clients, my existing business relationships, my existing products… take EVERYTHING away…

And knowing what I know today about partnering, collaborating and doing joint ventures… within 30 days I’d be generating a very nice income for myself, starting from scratch, by using this very same process.

And here’s the most exciting part about the process I’m about to share with you…

Though I do have long-term ongoing relationships with my partners, simply because they’re so happy with the kind of experience and results I’m able to deliver for them… our initial project typically goes from idea to execution, meaning idea to money in the bank… in less than 30 days.

I’ve partnered with everyone you can imagine, from people inside my own industry, to people who are completely outside of my own industry, where in the early days, we initially wondered if it would even work.

a-list-sealI began collaborating and partnering with A-List Entrepreneurs long before I ever had a subscriber or customer base of my own.

With the value proposition I presented, most of them didn’t care whether I had a list of prospects or customers.

To this day, many of my partners don’t require (or even ask for) any reciprocity because I’m able to provide so much value and deliver such an incredible experience for them.

“What We’re Talking About Is NOT An…
“I’ll Promote You If You Promote Me” Proposition!”

People promote me because I bring incredible value to the table, I make my partner look like a rock star in front of their audience, what I have to offer is extremely valuable, and I deliver a great experience for everyone involved.

When we collaborate, partner and do joint ventures this way, the revenue is typically realized in less than 30 days, there’s no advertising costs or financial risk, it gives us the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people so we can both put our best foot forward, and most of all… it provides a unique win-win-win experience for us, our partner, and all the customers who ultimately get to invest in, and benefit from what we do together.

And this is great because as you continue to move forward, providing this kind of unique experience for everyone, word spreads very quickly…and just as quickly, YOU gain a reputation for doing what you do, which causes even more A-List people to want to partner and collaborate with you.

Before you know it, you’ve got more opportunities than you can take advantage of, which forces you to choose only the very best ones.

And I speak from experience when I tell you, this is a GREAT position to be in.

As I mentioned… since doing my very first joint venture project in June of 2007 I’ve made $13.5 Million to date… SOLELY by collaborating, partnering and doing joint ventures with other A-List Entrepreneurs.

As a result, I now have the privilege and honor of sharing what I’ve discovered with people like yourself who are now successfully applying The JV Jedi Process to their own businesses.

Depending on where you’re at in your own life right now…

That 13.5 Million Dollar Figure May
Or May Not Seem Like A Big Number…

…and it’s really irrelevant, because here’s what you need to know:

This income was made completely on my own terms, partnering ONLY with A-List people who were an absolute pleasure to collaborate with, so we could provide massive value to the people we served… while never having to sacrifice our time freedom, our core values, our families or anything else that was important to us.

Anyone who’s been a partner (or a connector) and experienced “The JV Jedi Process” for themselves can attest to the success we’ve had, the lives we’ve impacted, the income we’ve made, and the ease at which we’ve done so.

Because I’ve fine-tuned The JV Jedi Process so well over the years, I’m now able to simply rinse… lather… repeat… and in most cases it takes less than 90 minutes of our time for my partner and I to do a project that makes us anywhere from $13,004.00 on the low end… to $187,618.00 on the high end.

So kudos to you for being here, because once you understand this unique process, you’ll literally be able to attract an abundance of A-List entrepreneurs who will gladly endorse and promote you… so you can expand your marketing message, grow your business in a powerful way and tap into this extremely profitable long-term revenue stream.

That being said, there are definitely some pitfalls you need to be aware of.

Even the most well-intentioned of people tend to get tripped up when it comes to collaborating, partnering and doing joint ventures, and I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

So we’ll start by going over…

The 7 Deadly Joint Venture Mistakes

  • Mistake 1

    Thinking that a joint venture requires a long-term contract or relationship. It certainly can lead to a long term relationship if you and your partner both want it to, but the process I use certainly doesn’t require any long term commitments or contracts. This is all about collaboration, and doing what feels right and best for everyone involved.

  • Mistake 2

    Thinking that all your potential partner cares about is money. When using this process to attract the kind of A-List partners we’re talking about, you’ll quickly discover that “money” shows up way down on their list of “must haves”.

    Things like providing value, improving the relationship they already have with their customers, protecting the brand they’ve created, making a difference in people’s lives, doing projects that are exciting and worthwhile, collaborating with forward-thinking like-minded people are just a few examples of things that rank FAR higher on their list.

  • Mistake 3

    Believing that a potential partner actually gives a rip about how great we think our products or services are. It’s a given that we need to have something of value to offer. But your A-List partner doesn’t want to hear about how great you think your stuff is.

    They want to know how you can help THEM. They want to be part of something worthwhile. They want to collaborate with someone who “gets them”. The JV Jedi Process is about connecting with the right people in a unique way that naturally leads to an authentic, genuine and open discussion about how you can accomplish great things together. And that’s the key word… TOGETHER!

My 5-Question JV Partner Interview lets you easily connect with your ideal partner in such a powerful way that they’re excited for the opportunity to collaborate with you.

  • Mistake 4

    Continually trying to chase down joint venture partners… instead of having a process that ATTRACTS an abundance of ideal A-List entrepreneurs who are pre-conditioned, pre-disposed and pre-motivated to collaborate and partner on profitable projects with you… so you have the luxury of choosing ONLY the partners and projects that excite you the most and are guaranteed to be the most profitable.

My JV-Getter Email has opened doors that I once thought were impossible to open, and led to many of the most enjoyable and profitable joint venture projects I’ve ever done… including people like Bill Harris of, even though countless people told me that a guy as successful as Bill would never be interested in partnering or collaborating with me.

  • Mistake 5

    Feeling obligated to do reciprocal projects, promote products and services you don’t agree with, or play the “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back” game… instead of having a process that attracts the right kind of A-List partners who’s #1 goal is to provide value… because they understand that the more they do this, the more their income increases, and that may… or may NOT include doing reciprocal projects.

  • Mistake 6

    Blindly going into a joint venture project, or flying by the seat of your pants while hoping for the best results… instead of having a process that allows you to accurately predict and deliver guaranteed perfect results for you and your partner… every single time… a process that you can simply rinse, lather and repeat… and use over and over and over again… as often as you like.

  • Mistake 7

    Not having a strategic way to capitalize on every project you do, and every partner you collaborate with… instead of having a process that delivers such an incredible experience for every one of your partners and includes a built-in mechanism for leveraging that experience into many more collaborative joint venture projects… so that what you end up with is your own private economy that continually gives you the sense of purpose, the time freedom, the satisfaction, the enjoyment and all the income you could ever want or desire. – This built-in mechanism will also naturally lead you to key people who will become HUGE connectors for you.

These 7 mistakes are the very reason that so many entrepreneurs have failed to reach their true potential when it comes to collaborating, partnering and doing joint ventures.

I can’t tell you how many successful entrepreneurs and even experienced marketers with hundreds of joint venture projects under their belts who are only making a fraction of the income they could be making, and never experience the kind impact that’s truly possible, simply because they continue to repeat one or more of these 7 mistakes.

Now that you understand the 7 deadly mistakes, and know how to avoid them, let’s look at where you DO need to focus your attention, because…

“There Are Specific Steps You Must Follow”

…if you want to have massive success with partnering, collaborating and doing joint ventures.

There’s obviously a lot of details that go with each one of these steps, but I want to give you enough of an idea, and enough of the specifics so you’ll leave here today with a great understanding of exactly how to start attracting the kind of A-List joint venture partners and projects that will give you all the benefits we’ve been talking about… and a whole lot more.

Because I can assure you, that whatever you’re currently able to envision as your best case scenario from where you’re sitting right now (from your current vantage point), as you begin to get a grasp on The JV Jedi Process, you quickly discover that your future reality is much bigger, much better, more profitable, more rewarding and more exciting than anything you could possibly imagine at this very moment in time.

Let me show you what I’m talking about and allow you to experience this for yourself as I introduce you to…

The 7-Step Tested And Proven “JV Jedi Process”


Identify your ideal joint venture partner, because whoever you’re thinking it is at this point, I’ll guarantee that you’re thinking WAY too small, and way too narrow. Now don’t get me wrong, you certainly don’t want to go off half-cocked, reaching out to anyone and everyone who has a pulse, and the potential to help you make a buck or two. You definitely want to think bigger than that, and consider the long-term impact of your actions.


Contact your ideal joint venture partner with a simple message that grabs their attention and lets them know you’re the kind of A-List person who clearly has their best interest in mind.

When you get this right they’ll respond… and they’ll respond immediately (HINT: it ain’t about how great your stuff is or how much money you can make for them). You need to understand what really motivates your ideal joint venture partner (just so you know, it’s THEM and THEIR big objectives… it’s NOT us or our agenda).

The way you get them to respond is by offering a no charge Strategy Session. I know, I know… if you’ve never done anything like this before, you might be thinking, “What the heck is a strategy session, and why do I offer that”? This brings us to the 3rd step and I’ll explain why this is so critical.


Make an appointment to speak on the phone (or Skype… especially if they’re overseas) for the Strategy Session, so you the two of you can collaborate together. Follow my 5-Question JV Partner Interview Process. The key is to ask each of the 5 questions, and then listen, listen, listen and take notes.

Let them know you’re taking notes, let them hear you plunking away on your keyboard. If you do this in person, use a legal pad, laptop or IPad. No one else in their organization listens to them like this.

“And When You Do, You’re Going
To Make One Heck Of An Impression”


Schedule follow-up session before you hang up for 7-8 days out (maybe a little longer if you’re just getting started with The JV Jedi Process, but definitely no longer than 13 days out).

Let them know that because you value the relationship, you want to give the conversation some serious thought (this is going to build massive relationship capital for you, which directly translates into financial capital by the way). Let them know you’ll be emailing them your notes (builds HUGE and instant credibility).

This gives you time to think creatively, talk with trusted sources, talk with people in your network, talk with me ( and tap into my network) so you can come back together with your ideal partner and collaborate with them effectively… because (like I mentioned earlier) that’s what they REALLY want… to collaborate with someone who “gets them”.


WOW them on your follow up session by demonstrating that you “get them”. Go over your notes from the 5-Question JV Partner Interview and convey their own words right back to them. You’ll say something like, “As promised, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought, and before we go any further, I want to make sure I clearly understand everything you’ve shared with me”.

Collaborate with them on an idea or two, keeping in mind that this is a back and forth dialog, and that you’ve got their complete and undivided attention, simply because you’ve been following this process. By doing so, you’ll get their own ideas out of their head, and into the here and now.

“You’ll Be The Guy Or Gal
They’ll Forever Associate With Doing This!”


Now you simply offer to be their guide in making everything you’ve been discussing a reality for them.

And here’s the big secret (as well as the key to this process)… people are committed to what they help create. They’ll follow through on what they have a hand in collaborating with you.


Do a collaborative project together, have fun, let your creative side come out, make some great things happen, provide massive value to the people you serve, and get compensated REALLY well for your efforts.


Give your partner a way to continue the experience, and share it with others. You need to be prepared when they say, “thank you, what’s next” (because they will). Make sure you continue to collaborate with them.

This is not a one-and-done kind of thing. We’re building relationship capital that will carry us through the rest of our lives. And yes, after your partner just had an incredible experience with you, make sure you offer them a simple way to share that experience with others (my “JV Getter” Email).

You get to go down these rabbit holes, and it’s an exciting experience, that I can promise. Before you know it, you find yourself having these incredibly engaging and collaborative discussions with people who are the movers and shakers in this world, people who feel an incredible bond, rapport and connection with you as a result of using The JV Jedi Process, people who want to pay it forward by sharing their experience with others and introducing you to even more of the world’s movers and shakers.

At this point, if you’ve grasped the process I’ve been sharing with you… you realize that what we’ve been talking about is FAR more than a way to increase revenue and profits.

“What We’re Talking About Is An
Industry And Business Transforming Process!”

a-list-sealAs I’ve been sharing The JV Jedi Process with my private clients, it’s been so rewarding to see the results they’re getting and the impact they’re making.

When you couple that with the experience I had at Joe Polish’s Annual Genius Network Event and getting that unexpected call from Jay Abraham, it made me realize that I needed to start sharing The JV Jedi Process with a lot more A-List entrepreneurs, and the reason is simple.

A-List people are sick and tired of the ‘old school” methods of doing joint ventures because they want to do something worthwhile, with inspiring people who actually want to make a difference in this world.

A-List people are sick and tired of posers trying to operate in our sacred joint venture space… who are in it solely on the money.

A-List people are sick and tired of the “me, me, me mentality” of those who are only focused themselves and their own selfish interests… rather than collaborating together for the greater good of everyone involved… including the customer.

A-List people are sick and tired of the “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality and are no longer willing to participate in the “I’ll promote you, but when I do, you’re going to owe me” conversation.

"A-List People Want Nothing To Do With This!

If you too are an A-List person who feels the same way, if what I’ve shared resonates with you in a powerful way and you see the obvious value in becoming a JV Jedi … then you’ll REALLY appreciate what I’m about to do.

BUT… I need to let you know that what I’m about to offer is ONLY for those of you who fit into one of the following two categories:

  1. You’re the owner of a business who’s already successfully selling the products or services you sell… and you want an unfair ethical advantage over those who don’t possess The JV Jedi Process.
  2. You hold a key position in an already existing business, where you’re directly responsible for the growth of this business, or directly responsible for managing the affiliate or joint venture relationships for this business.

If you fit into one of these two categories and you believe that with the products or services you provide… if you partnered with the right A-List people, you could easily generate an additional $100,000.00 per month or more, then I can definitely help you.

As you know, I’ve already been working with a small group of private clients, showing them how to apply The JV Jedi Process to their own businesses, but with everything that’s happened lately, it’s become glaringly obvious that I need to put a platform in place that will allow me to help a lot more people.

“So Here’s What I’ve Decided To Do…”

I’m going to host a series of 7 live training sessions over the next two months so I can show you how to apply The JV Jedi Process to YOUR business and give you everything you need to have the same kind of success my private clients and I are experiencing.

Once we’ve completed the training sessions, I’ll put them onto a platform so you’ll have ongoing access to everything.

This will also allow me to leverage my own efforts so I can begin sharing The JV Jedi Process with a lot more people like yourself as we continue moving forward.

Here’s why this is such a big deal.

It’s been so gratifying for me over the last year to have such a big hand in helping my private clients apply The JV Jedi Process to their own businesses.

But… as rewarding as it’s been, it’s also been extremely humbling… and here’s why.

Yeah, I’m the guy who created The JV Jedi Process and has been having such incredible success with it since 2007, and yeah, I’ve been guiding and helping my clients apply it to their

own business via our weekly mastermind calls… answering their questions as they keep moving forward, providing insight each step of the way, and being there to celebrate all their wins with them.

But the whole experience has caused me to realize that I’m just the catalyst. My clients are the REAL rock stars.

Every week when we get on our mastermind call, they’re sharing what they done, how they’ve done it, the results they’ve got and the success they’ve had… and they’ve now become teachers of The JV Jedi Process for each other, which has made the group that much more valuable.

I’ve discovered the real value I have to offer my clients does NOT come solely through me sharing The JV Jedi Process. It comes through them applying it, and then being so willing to openly share their results with the other clients in the group.

Because there’s such magic taking place in this group and it’s been such amazing experience for everyone involved, it’s inspired me to take what I’m doing to a whole new level.

“And That’s Where YOU Come In…”

If you’re willing to help me, I’ll show my appreciation by being extremely generous with you.

By sharing The JV Jedi Process with you on these training sessions, I’ll be able to simultaneously create the content needed for the online platform I’m developing.

This makes this a win-win situation for both of us.

I’ll be leveraging my efforts and will soon be able to share this process with a lot more people.

And you’ll only have to invest a fraction of what my private clients currently invest to get my help.

My private clients currently invest $2,000.00 a month to have me share The JV Jedi Process with them and offer ongoing help as they apply it to their business.

Because I’ve witnessed the value I’m able to offer my existing clients, I’ve been completely candid with each one of them, letting them know that the investment for my help will soon increase to $5,000.00 per month.

I’m going to be completely candid with you as well.

And… just as I promised, I’m also going to make this WELL worth your while by being extremely generous with you.

If you see the obvious value in this and want to participate in The JV Jedi Training, your investment will only be $1,997… or 3 installments of $797… whichever you prefer.

Get Started NowOne payment of $1997.00
Get Started NowThree payments of $797.00

Our first session starts next Wednesday – October 29th.

“Here’s A Quick Overview Of What
I’ll Be Showing You In The JV Jedi Training”

  • How to immediately begin attracting an abundance of A-List joint venture partners and connectors into your life… using a unique process that’s so powerful that you’ll start seeing results within hours (we’ll be covering this during our very first session).
  • How to use the 5-Question JV Partner Interview Process with your partners and connectors so you can effectively communicate the value you bring to the table… and do it in a HUGE way… so they’ll be clamoring to do a joint venture project with you.
  • How to give your partners and connectors self-serving reasons that compel them to work on your behalf, tell others about you and make key A-List introductions that will be worth millions and millions of dollars to you.
  • The single phrase conversation-opener that will immediately have your partner or connector hanging on every word you say from that point forward.
  • The secret to easily getting your partners and connectors focused on their bigger future… which includes YOU as an integral part of it… so they immediately recognize the value of having a long term mutually beneficial and profitable relationship with you.
  • How to get a collaborative joint venture project on the books and scheduled… so you can go from start to finish… from concept to money in the bank… in 30 days or less.
  • How to take the relationship you have with your collaborative partners to the ultimate level… so it continues to produce ongoing, predictable and reliable income for you… far into the future.
  • The one simple thing you can do after every project that will make a HUGE impact on your partners and connectors and have them raving about you to everyone they know.
  • The “JV Getter Email” that instantly turns a single collaborative joint venture project into another… and another… and another… giving you a steady and consistent flow of ongoing income.
  • How to structure an extremely attractive compensation package for your partners and connectors… that will have them introducing you to a flood of A-List people who will also want to partner with you.
  • How to set up your own personal economic system that continually builds on itself, so you’re continually attracting the very best A-List joint venture partners and connectors on an ongoing basis over the rest of your lifetime.

So… that’s the overview of The JV Jedi Training.

In addition, you’ll also receive “The JV Jedi Manual” because it includes all the templates, resources, emails, documents, forms, processes and strategies so you can see concrete physical examples of everything we’ll cover during the training.

At this point, It should be pretty obvious that I’m more than qualified to show you how to attract an abundance of A-List Entrepreneurs who will gladly endorse and promote you… so you can expand your marketing message, grow your business in a powerful way and tap into an extremely profitable long-term revenue stream.

“The Only Question That Remains Is This”

Will you do what I show you to do? Will you apply The JV Jedi Process to your business?

When selecting people for my private client group I always give them a small test… a homework assignment if you will… to find out if they’ll actually do what I show them to do.

If they follow through on this assignment, then I gladly welcome them into our group.

If they don’t, there’s no point in me trying to help them, and I politely turn them away.

Because the fact is, it doesn’t matter how great someone thinks my stuff is. If they don’t apply it to their business… they can’t possibly get the results, and I’m simply not willing to have an ongoing intimate relationship with anyone who won’t or can’t do what I show them.

The reason my private clients are seeing such incredible results and the reason the experience has been so magical for them is because I’m overly protective of who I let in the group in the first place.

I’m the gatekeeper for my private clients, and every one of them knows it!

Now that you understand the importance of this…

“Here’s The Litmus Test I’m Going To Use…”

…so I can find out if you’re the kind of person who will take action and do what I show you to do.

When you’re one of the first 10 people who respond right now, in addition to The JV Jedi Training, during this 7-week period I’ll also invite you to participate on the weekly mastermind calls I host for my private clients.

Under my current rates (which will be increasing soon), this is an additional $4,000.00 value that’s available to the first 10 of you who take immediate action prior to midnight.

This offer comes off the table at midnight and any requests to join us for The JV Jedi Training after that time will not include this added offer.

So… if you believe I can help you, and you know you’ll take action on what I show you to do, then let’s start doing some incredible things together.

I’m also going to take this one step further and let you know that once you’re in… you’re in.

There will be no refunds… period… under any circumstances.

Because the fact is, if you feel like you need a money-back guarantee, that’s a sign that this isn’t for you and we can simply part as friends with no hard feelings.

The guarantee is this...

“If You Do What I Show You To Do…
You WILL Get Results!”

And if you don’t, you won’t.

It’s that simple.

So… if you’re the kind of person who’s going to take action and do what I show you… join us for this training so that together, we can transform YOU into a JV Jedi!

Get Started NowOne payment of $1997.00
Get Started NowThree payments of $797.00

Now… I do realize that there are a certain percentage of you who have registered for this event, knowing full well that you wouldn’t be able to join us live… and you were counting on me to send you the recording.

Hopefully you get the opportunity to listen to it prior to midnight, but if that’s not the case, you’re still more than welcome to register for The JV Jedi Training.

I won’t be extending the free invitation for you to join my private clients for our weekly mastermind calls but go ahead and register for The JV Jedi Training.

Once you’ve done that, get in touch with my office by calling 360-203-3070. When you call, let my assistant know that you’ve invested in the training, and you’d like to have a conversation with me about the possibility of getting access to The JV Jedi Private Client Group.

I won’t be able to offer you access at no charge, but if this is something you know you’d get value from, we can certainly discuss a partial scholarship.

So get registered now. I’ll then get you all the details you need and will look forward to speaking with you next Wednesday.

Get Started NowOne payment of $1997.00
Get Started NowThree payments of $797.00

Oh… and by the way, I should probably point something out. If you have an existing business and it makes sense… we can also have a conversation about how we might collaborate on a project together.

After all, I’ve got a process that’s been working brilliantly for the last 10 years, and a single collaborative project would produce FAR more revenue for you than I’m charging for the training.

I look forward to sharing The JV Jedi Process with you.

Kevin Thompson
“The JV Jedi”

What Others Are Saying About The JV Jedi Process…

“I just had a huge breakthrough using The JV Jedi Process as a mechanism for monetizing sponsorships of our events. This opens big doors for us that I couldn’t figure out how to open until now. Thanks so much Kevin!”

Ryan Chapman - Fix Your Funnel

“The JV Jedi Process has allowed me to connect with people in a FAR more powerful way than I ever could in the past. I’m so thankful for the time you’ve spent with me, and for the wisdom, inspiration and insights you’ve shared. This is such an enjoyable, rewarding and profitable process that I’ll be using it for the rest of my business career.”

Joe Foley - Corporate Disk Company

Kevin Thompson is the expert when it comes to collaborating and partnering with A-List entrepreneurs. He’s a respected and well known advisor to the people he serves, and he’s also one of the most genuine, authentic and ethical people I know. I’ve known him since 1997 and give him my highest possible endorsement. If you’re looking for someone who can deliver on every one of his promises… Kevin is your guy."

Joe Polish - The Genius Network

"In almost 20 years of being in business, you have been one of the best JV partners I've ever worked with!

Dan Gallapoo -

In being your authentic self, you’ve discovered an intuitive process that ignites a genuine drive in other key people to help you as a result of conveying—to people they care about—the unique value you deliver. What you are developing aligns with the latest science and is uncommonly simple and powerful."

Robert Cooper - Ph.D. , Founder and CEO of Cooper Strategic, 12 Leaders, and Cooper Neuroscience Lab

When I was first introduced to Kevin and I found out what he did, my initial thought was, “His offer isn’t a right fit for my subscribers”.

I teach people self defense techniques so they’re able to survive any life and death situation.

Kevin on the other hand, teaches people how to have a successful online business of their own, and like I said… on the surface, it just didn’t seem like we were a right fit.

"But… because Kevin came so highly recommended by someone I knew and trusted, I kept an open mind and decided to do a joint venture project with him.

I sure am glad I did, because I was amazed to find out how many of my subscribers WERE interested in his topic.

A huge number of them registered for Kevin’s behind-the-scenes tour and they absolutely loved what he shared.

I got to be the “good guy” for introducing them to Kevin and we made $66,408.00, even though I barely lifted a finger.

It took less than 10 minutes of my time to do the entire project, and I almost feel like I took advantage of him.

To this day I’m still hearing from subscribers who rave about his behind-the-scenes tour and thank me for introducing them to Kevin.

My #1 goal is to protect the Target Focus Training brand I’ve worked so hard to build since 2003. Kevin is a guy who understands that and is a master at making YOU look like a super hero."

Tim Larkin -

"Kevin lived up to every one of his promises and went the extra mile to make our joint venture project a massive success.

The project with Kevin was one of the most enjoyable (and profitable) experiences of my business career. Even though my staff and I barely had to lift a finger, we still made $47,349.00.

But… it REALLY impressed me when Kevin over-nighted the check to me.

I’ve done a lot of joint venture projects in my career, and to this day, Kevin’s the only one who’s ever done that. Talk about making an impression.

And he impressed my members too.

To this day, they still reference Kevin when telling me about some of the successes they’ve been having in their business.

If you’re looking for a great way to give your members more value, while creating a really nice (and FAST) income surge in the process, Kevin will make it happen."

Mike Crow -

"I just wanted to let others know that I placed a lot of faith in you, based on being referred by a mutual friend, and you did not disappoint me one bit.

You promised to do the lion's share of the work and you did.

You promised to deliver on your word and you did.

You promised to help me every step of the way and you did.

As a result, I’m happy to recommend you to anyone looking to create more value in their client's lives.

I’m also delighted to now count you as one of my friends and look forward to working with you again."

Dr. Steve Hoffman -

"I first met Kevin when he hosted his now famous training seminar for my friend’s subscriber list, and I decided to listen in. I had a crazy busy schedule that day so I'd only planned to listen in for a few minutes. But once I was on the line, Kevin was so compelling and passionate that I couldn't hang up the phone.

He gave one of the best presentations I've ever heard… hands down.

He made my friend look like a hero and there was no doubt in my mind that they’d just made a whole lot of money.

I tracked Kevin down the next day so I could schedule my own joint venture project with him. And let me tell you, he made it really easy.

He sent us everything we needed and because Kevin was so organized, it took my assistant less than 5 minutes to handle the entire project.

When it was finished, we’d made $113,957.00… and just like my friend… I too was a hero.

Our dentists loved Kevin, and they loved ME for making the introduction.

Kevin was such a pleasure to work with, that I’m going to try and talk him into speaking at our next live event."

Dr. Woody Oakes -